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The Roselynde Chronicles

Roselynde The Roselynde Chronicles were recently scheduled to be reprinted in their entirety by Harlequin's Signature Select Showcase. Unfortunately, with only three of the seven titles on the shelves, that imprint was shut down. So herein we present the books that made it to the shelves, and will hope to have more news on the series' availability in the future.

Roselynde; Desiree; Alinor; Joanna; Gilliane; Rhiannon; Sybelle

All are readily available used, and here are some extra details for the most recent versions:

"This is the stuff of fairy tales. Magical, whimsical, romantic enchantment. Once again Roberta Gellis has brought the impossible to life with her own shimmery splendor."
--The Time Machine, a Book Rack Publication

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